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   Bribie Island


  The first view of Bribie Island lets you know about the lifestyle we enjoy here. Crossing
  the bridge you are captivated by the views of the Pumicestone Passage on both sides.
  An array of activity is usually happening in these waters, from the relaxation of sailing,
  fishing and kayaking to the excitement of jet skis or water skiing, you can do and see
  it all on the passage. You can hire the equipment to enjoy most of these activities or
  explore the different beaches of the island.

  Sylvan Beach features safe swimming in the passage, picnic areas, BBQs,
  playgrounds and toilets. A boat ramp is located here as well as the Volunteer Marine
  Rescue, beside which you will find a Talking Monument where you can hear the history
  of Bribie Island. You can hire a boat or fish easily on this beach. A variety of cafes and
  shops are found in this area.

  Bongaree is where you will find the Bongaree Jetty which attracts many families.
  There is safe passage swimming, boat ramps, playgrounds and many
  sheltered picnic and BBQ areas with toilets along this stretch of beach from the bridge
  to the jetty. Around this area you can see historical plaques where you can stop and
  read about the history of the area. There is also a variety of places to eat and shop.

  Red Beach is located at the end of Bribie overlooking Moreton Island. Dogs are
  allowed off leash from the car park at Red Beach toward the surf side of the island to
  Woody Point. This is a great natural beach to explore with or without your four legged

  Banksia Beach is located on the passage side so is another great place for swimming,
  boating and fishing. There is a sand boat ramp located here, suitable for 4WDs and/or small boats. BBQ, picnic and toilet facilities
  abound and there's also playgrounds for the kids. Dogs are allowed on leash on the walking track which runs from the Kakadu Bird
  Habitat at one end to White Patch Esplanade at the other. A talking monument is located at the White Patch end which tells of the
  landing of Matthew Flinders.
Eszter Rule PhotographyOcean Beach at Woorim is Brisbane's closest patrolled surf beach, the venue for regular surf carnivals and a popular spot for swimmers and board riders. There are playgrounds and many BBQ and picnic areas at Woorim. A playground and skate park is located on Jacana Avenue. A variety of shops and cafes to explore and a lookout on Boyd Street are also features of the Woorim area.

Skirmish Point is located on the surf side of Bribie and is popular for fishing and walking and just enjoying the natural landscape.

Spinnaker Sound Marina is adjacent to the mainland approach of the Bribie Bridge and features a protected marina harbour and public boat ramp. The marina provides
full facilities such as a boat lift, workshop and chandlery. Boat hire and BBQ boat hire
is available here as well as fresh seafood or Italian to tempt your tastebuds.

Kalmakuta Drive, Sandstone Point features a boat ramp with boat trailer parking.
It has BBQ, picnic and toilet facilities with views across the passage to Bribie Island,
a unique way to view the island.

An alternative to the beaches is the Bribie Island Aquatic Centre, on Goodwin Drive. It is open all year round with heated swimming pools, playground, BBQ areas and kiosk.



  Fishing - Bribie Island is perfect for the fisherman as there are many different ways and places to make that catch. Mud crabs and
  sands crabs are also there for the taking. The Pumicestone  Passage is great for beach fishing or hire a boat and fish the passage
  especially around the bridge pylons. All types of bait and tackle are available on the island.

  Surf fishing is popular at Skirmish Point and along the wide expanse of the ocean beach. Try the jetty for a picturesque spot to throw
  in a line. Red Beach can be great for winter whiting. Banksia Beach can have tailor, bream and flathead, while Woorim has summer
  and winter whiting, dart and bream.
Eszter Rule Photography

  Bird watching - At dusk listen to the chorus of thousands of lorikeets all over the
  island or visit the bird hide at Buckley's Hole south Bongaree where you may sight
  some of the 350 species of bird life in this environmental park. 

  Visit the bird viewing areas at Kakadu Beach Bird Roost at Banksia Beach. You will
  find this area at the end of Solander Esplanade towards the canal.

  Take a boat trip up the passage waterways to see spoonbills, ibis, blue crane, egrets
  and many other species. Feed the pelicans with fish scraps on the beach.

  At White Patch, walk up the tracks to see the wild flowers in season, July onwards is
  the best time. Observe the flora and fauna from the many beach and bush tracks on
  the island. 

  Walk into Pumicestone National Park - Tracks into the park start at the end of White
  Patch Esplanade. This track is also for 4WDs. Continue the walk along this track, it
  comes out on Pumicestone Passage at Gallagher's Point. Mosquitos are prevalent,
  so be prepared with good protection. In reaching this point the walk has taken a path
  through stands of Wallum, Banksia, Boronia, Acacias and Grass Trees. Careful
  observation may bring a Sea Eagle's nest into view. The bird will usually be seen
  flying around.

  Bicentennial Gardens - Located near the Community Arts Centre, Sunderland Drive.
  About 200 metres south of the main entrance to the Arts Centre, there is a signboard
  showing the many short walks in the Gardens. Access is nearby, or from the Car Park at the Centre. The area is "wheel-chair"
  accessible, although the terrain is a little rough. A map of the walks is available from the Arts Centre at a small charge.
  For the interest of bird watchers about 90 species of birds have been sighted in this small area. The whole area is watered and
  maintained by volunteers.

Eszter Rule Photography
Walk into Buckley's Hole Environment Park - This Park may be accessed via a track from the Boulevard. There is a park sign about 100 metres from the corner of the Boulevard and McDonald Street. Over 190 bird species have been recorded in this area, including Egrets, Cormorants, Moorhens, Spoonbills and even Black Swans. It is possible to make a pleasant round trip by walking along the beach around South Point to Red Beach.
PLEASE NOTE: If walking and leaving a parked vehicle at Red Beach, it is recommended 
cover contents in vehicle and securely lockup.

Red Beach Tracks - Enter this area past the gate in Kendall Street. Walk eastward (toward Pacific Ocean) for about 25 minutes to meet Red Beach. Dolphins and the occasional Dugong may be seen here. A round trip along Red Beach back to Kendall Street may take about 1.5 hours. Rainbow Bee-Eaters may be nesting in the sand dunes.

Bike Riding - Hire a bike and experience the island on the network of bike tracks taking you from the calm water of the beautiful Pumicestone Passage across to the ocean and surf beach.

Bribie Island Access

The Bribie Island Access Guide has been compiled to assist Bribie residents and visitors who may have difficulty accessing facilities and services needed for day to day living because of
age, health or disability.


  For tourists with special needs, the guide also provides a listing of places they may wish to visit whilst on the island. The guide
  identifies and locates key access services such as disabled parking, disabled toilets, home deliveries, hearing loops, home visits,
  ramps, ramps (assistance needed), steps (assistance needed) and accessible telephones.

  The Bribie Island Access Guide is free and is available from the following:

  Bribie Island Tourist Information Centre                                Bribie Island Library
       Benabrow Avenue, Bellara                                                                Cnr First Avenue and Welsby Parade
       Phone  (07) 3408 9026                                                                      Bongaree
       Fax       (07) 3408 9684                                                                      Phone (07) 3408 1388

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